Thursday, 12 February 2015

Whiplash ... almost

I've been approaching the movie from every which angle possible: I watched the ending, I watched the beginning, I watched the angry bits, I watched the happy bits, I watched the music bits ... I've watched all kinds of bits. Beats. I even understood the part where it's about jazz, my least comprehensible music. Still, i cannot watch it as a whole. Yet. This has happened to me before. There are still movies I am not able to see start to finish. Sometimes I get anxious, other times I'm just bored. I like this one a lot. It's creepy. I like the kid with all the scars, though I've never seen a movie in which he'd be watchable before. And the old guy is awesome, obviously. The music is good, too. I think.

I heard once that a rock musician plays 12 notes to 10.000 people and a jazz musician plays 10.000 notes to 12 people. Obviously in a country as small as ours you don't really have jazz schools or rock schools, you have just one music school and I have no idea what they teach there; I imagine everything a little. I wouldn't go to a jazz concert on my own, because the noise sounds too epileptic for me and I truly do not enjoy the sound of cymbals or saxophone, but I did have to photograph a couple of jam sessions. And I think I understood it. It is no different from colors and shapes, really, the sounds - I just have to perceive it as a whole and not as my mind works: in too much detail in train. You gotsta get lost in the sounds you produce with your instrument and just let the waves carry you.I dislike it, perhaps, because music is the one with the slavery behind it - you get a lot less sweat, blood and suicide from exhaustion from other arts. Music is kind of brutal. You don't seem to always be allowed to breathe. 

It took me almost 40 years to get into jazz. And vegan food. Now I feel really mature.