Saturday, 28 February 2015

Been ignoring my blogs, I know, but although it's a dreary and bleak season and I am not in the mood to do much of anything, it has been anything but unpleasant. The General is still on a sick leave and so we play A LOT of WoW, loving it, and I go around errands and house calls and bring home food and stories. Today I restored beehive panels with his sister, which is an interesting thing to do, surrounded by bees. I was supposed to have coffee and then go shoot a concert two nights in a row yestereve and tonight, but my date was held up and I gladly ignored the remaining schedule. Another shoot was thought to happen tomorrow, but the dancers who hired me all got flu, so i just have to do some more beehive painting and a logo-design meeting around noon. Mum and sis are making jams, pretending to be nice people. Am kinda shunning them, though I miss dad. I still want to interview him. Need trickery.
Twenty more days till my diet/ban lifts. I have such plans! :D I flirt with the Brown-eyed photie to pass that time, much to the General's ire. I continue to bounce ideas off him and look for things to suggest as lessons, which he ignores, but I in turn study meticulously. Have watched several photography related films, starting with Finding Vivian Maier. Dumb movie, but a lovely photie indeed. Haven’t been reading much and haven’t been able to listen to a single audio book, though I did get a deep urge to write about Nuada again, in reference to the Nightwish song about wishing a single night-time would last a lifetime. I have to cut that story into an one-night experience, so that Kay can call it “I’ve had a long night” when she talks about a bad time in her bounce.  Other than that, there are adorable things and Moomins in my life. Life is good.