Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Spotlight & The Gift

....on a related subject, there are two movies I am looking forward to this year. One is The Gift, starring Joel Edgerton - who is like the intellectual man's Sam Worthington - as a creep invading the perfect lives of a fancy couple played by Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall. That's a bit of a give-away casting, because when Jason Bateman is not in a comedy you just know he is going to be someone rotten and Rebecca Hall is very pretty, I love her, but she can play actresses who don't always have a clue what's going on. Edgerton, who is also the director of the film, plays someone bad, but that won't be the whole story. His 'Felony' was also cool. I imagine the jocks of high school or college, led by Bateman's character, did something shitty to the guy ... and now he'll collect. The only question is, was is something like just standard asshole bullying and 'Gordo the weirdo' was just overly sensitive, or did they do something really bad, like prank-raped him or made him take the fall for something like rape or murder, which totally arrested his social development... When I was little I saw this creepy movie, or something, about four guys who raped or covered up that one raped a girl and later she came after them in this psycho-thriller way... Golden Boys or something. I get the same vibe here. I dunno, I hope it's a good movie. Not just a generic stalker remake of some better classic like Cape Fear or suchlike. But I am looking forward to finding out and watching those three play. The house also looks nice. 

The second, Spotlight, is a journalism movie - journalism slowly becoming my new religion. 'Tis about how the Spotlight team of the Boston Globe took on the child molestation epidemic in the Catholic church, which nobody up to that point really had the guts or money to take on. So far what I am reading is just about how good the actors and set directors are at imitating the real life and the cast is splendid, but, like I said before, I really hope these movies are good and not just hyped up genre push-over, hoping to get some award or some money. I am fond of screen time that illustrated journalists' work, sometimes integrity, sometimes sleaziness, but sometimes even just offices and how the print machine rolls. Those things turn me on. I love watching The Young Turks YouTube channel take on Fox News morons, I like the Newsroom TV show, I liked some parts of 'State of Play', 'Girl with a Dragon Tattoo' and some older pieces. It's not easy, illustrating the journalist's life - how those people think and how they work and how the current works against them.

Once upon a time the big houses were willing to go down in flames for a single article and often they did, but the truth was sacred, whereas now, most journalists are freelancers, hired only for the immediate article and not protected - if the big bad wolves want the article silenced, it will get silences. The truth is less absolute lately. Mostly it is just opinions. There didn't used to be so much information and if you saw a bad guy stab someone and the cops arrested them, that was the story. Now it's usually 'blame the victim', 'who was which color', 'the cop was also a stripper in his young days' , 'the mayor SAID this will happen', and the global warming or the democrats had something to do with it... But anyone who says anything about it will get sued, so, - don't.