Sunday, 9 August 2015

Stargazer mode 2015

Drove my dumpy little car (very slowly, because the breaks don't really work and I really never want to kill some idiot animal like a bunny or a hedgehog that just right then decides it's a good time to cross traffic) to General's sister's place and joined her family on their annual astronomy night event thingie. I love those, because my old professor, same one as who wrote the intro to Gorgi, has this long and really cool lecture on some subject - this time it was life in space - problems that astronauts face and how some things are happy to be bothered and some thing just won't grow... Later we watched some videos and when the night got dark enough, she pointed out constellations and I made an effort to remember a few additional ones. She tells them in a story sense, so they're more easily placed and related. The telescope show wasn't as good this year - most showed Saturn and some clusters. I remember seeing an awesome sight of the Cigni twins, the swans, (triplets, as it turns out) and a cluster that was really impressive, don't remember which. But I love this event and I always look forward to it. If I was any little bit more of an aficionado, I'd invest in a telescope. Alas, I live in a really luminescence polluted place, so driving to adequate locations would be sticky with my car. Funny thing, though, as I drove back at midnight, alone and going even slower, a car in a distance never really gained on me. So I am not the only super slow driver out there.