Sunday, 9 August 2015

Tim Curry a long time ago..

Very fond of Ridley Scott's Legend and of course there was a lot of touching myself going on regarding the Darkness, because that's just the sort of a big bad wolf that I get turned on by, but I think my favorite performance by Curry, in all his 222 actor credits, is his very first movie role in Rocky Horror Picture Show... Something that Ridley Scott - who cats him immediately afterwards - calls really brave, but mostly people, not just fans, call really unique. The part that gets to me the most is that although later generations will maybe recognize Curry as some B flick sadistic villain to be quickly disposed of (Charlie's Angels and so on), this is such an odd, sad little person: he never married, has no children, in his early interviews he reminds me so much of Freddie Mercury - this really shy, too talented, oddly really handsome, used-to-his-marrow young guy... There's a line in an backstage interview of the Rocky Horror stage performance, in which he says that after the two or something years of performing, wearing a pound and a half of make-up every night, once you take it off, some of it stays in the creases every time. I'm thinking they really used the actors up back in the day. I know it's art, but I suppose the one reason i will never be great at it is because I don't think it's worth the suffering.