Saturday, 17 January 2015

Friday night's wild time

As per usual, my Maja hailed me over for a wild night out on the town, which generally consists of: food or in this case coffee smoothie with chunkcs of mango and pineapple to nibble on, then a sweep through a shopping mall, frottaging expensive watercolor brushes, meeting Nea, getting advice on summer perfume and cream samples, and ogling cool products I may want to own at some point (Burt's Bees handcreme, yummy...). Lastly, a movie (Blackhat, which was visually adorable, like Miami Vice twice overdone, Viola Davis' makeup was amazing, but story-wise I didn't get it... Tin mines what? Acer comps for hackers? With no pre-charging time? FBI professionals driving right into a gunfight with no vests on? Cash machines giving out 5000 Euros? Picking a public festival for a certain gunfire orgy? ... Still. Everything makes sense with enough popcorn and popcakes. All in all, my ideal night out :D And still, the movie really was a visual treat. Trailers, too. I may actually watch the American Sniper. Am also looking forward to Selma.

Wish you could smell this. It's addictive. <3