Tuesday, 13 January 2015

I've spent the last few days writing (right off the previous chapter of meeting Marowit) about king Nuada Silverhand, working from the notes I wrote down ages ago, years ago, from a dream. This is the first character Paper kills in Goose (more accurately, assists the suicide of or proves to be the method – something that later helps her figure out how to save Marowit, ironically.) There was a lot of dialogue in the original chapter, but since having seen Only Lovers Left Alive, it kind of makes more sense for the two to just drive around at night, in silence, or just stay in the same room, curtains drawn, talking about the past, talking about life, about being responsible for your own legend, until they decide on it. It is supposed to be Paper's low point: she has just returned from Gorgonaut, her world is a mess, her husband is far away, she has taken on her first lover, but he's away, too, and her friends are scattered. She is without Zurnizip banner, banned from her profession and her abilities – she's just a normal woman, asked to talk to a man who wishes to die. I am thinking I want to add a twist to their scene, something like: at the last moment he threatens her to do him in or he will do her and she contemplates letting him kill her, until his final gift to humanity is returning her lust for life…
Dunno. I don’t want to get sucked into all of this too much. It’s a little too dark for my taste. Then again of course if that’s how I was feeling, I wouldn’t be able to write it.