Monday, 26 January 2015

The second out of three 'kill chapters' over

I think I'm out of the deep dark forest. I told the entire plot of Pillowman to Drej in detail and already it seemed less overwhelming and more far away. I saw to the end of the Titan and it didn't really do anything for me - they left the ending totally open. I haven't done the death scene of the ice giant Farbauti in a too elaborate manner, I can always do that later, but the general narrative is set. Which is also the absolute low for Kay. After this, when she enters the third 'kill', she has already gotten some of her humor back and she already pulls her own weight.
Simultaneously, I can now read happier thing, watch happier movies and certainly happier shows. And, consequently, I can get to work on happier thing: I am working on apple juice labels, which was paused for the time being, because the contractor asked for anything but grotesque and I was in the utter most grotesque chapter-field yet. You really can't have children dying in apple juice labels, is all I'm saying.