Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Spending most of my day (and nights, for that matter), writing or editing the first chapter of Goose. I'm thinking it an idea to simply send the first bit to the agents and let them scout for potential publication while I polish up the rest? Dunno. It's a thought. It's easy at this stage, because I'm mostly just enjoying the stories. I skipped past the 'Killing the Goblin' story and went through the three times Kay and Murphy meet - before the hammerfall. The trick is to build absolutely everything that's happened, and because it's happened, because Kay made the decisions she made in defiance of Powers That Be, to the moment when she finally gets it. When it finally hits. It's a massive moment in the ploy and luckily the second chapter is strong enough to maintain the altitude until the organic decline in the last bit. I'm getting more and more ideas for the style every day. I'm on a roll.

Have dyed my hair dark brown. My winter color. I probably should have given the hair more time to rest, but since I noticed it's growing just fine, it's just breaking up awfully at the ends, I'm thinking I should also try and stop binding it into a ponytail - because coincidentally that's also the point at which it sort of dries up and dies. Dying has made it summat thinner, but the color neatly accentuates the green in my eyes.

I've stopped watching amazingly depressing things and switched to dumb humor or just fancy fun - like Galavant and Agent Carter. By the next wave of horror, I will finish the sad chapters, but for now, weaving in the lore, toning down the sex (I cut actual sex out of every single one of the stories, even maintaining Kay's unusually persistent chastity, considering she's undressed fairly everything that she's met since returning from Gorgo.) and making it tilted and unusual just as a dream should be. Individual stories spun mostly around romance, which has now been melted into either angst or suspense. No worries. there are only two really angsty stories in a grand total of about thirty. I even unintentionally started conjuring Spotter's Sufi story - an element of the last chapter. I wonder if all this will make my head swell? :D