Sunday, 29 March 2015

First photoshoot of the season coming up in Saturday... I'm getting restless and my dreams, well, they are usually having the most fun with me :D Tonight I dreamed my UV filter came undone on my 50mm prime and when I tried to screw it back on, the whole lens crumbled, all the little concave and convex glass coins tumbling out. I tried to set them back, but the whole thing was supposed to sit in a nest of wool and felt strings, which wouldn't stay tight... My field lens also crumbled, so I was left with only the 100mm macro, which is the least one used, but better than nothing :D 

General keeps telling me to chill, I got this. But my expectations on my work have gotten so high not even I can keep up. I have no idea what I'm doing. If the lesson in this diet was to regain humility, I am humble, oh, ye, gods of lights and prisms.

Today was another super sunny day, though Daylight Savings Time made me think I got up at 8, crimeney. I drove up with the mutt and helped in the vineyard, though away from the others. I felt like being alone, for no bad reason. I tightened the wires that hold the grapevines in place once they grow. You have nice biceps' after a few hours of doing that :))

 Watching All the President's Men. Mostly, because I like the sounds of editorial offices and typing. Don't get the premise yet, though. Nixon resigned because they caught him putting up some tabs? They tapped the world during Obama's administration and nobody could care less.