Tuesday, 24 March 2015

"Hump me! Hump me!" part two

As my Maja is my off day, Saturday afternoon was spent in hardcore chillaxing mode. We got fast food, which we otherwise shouldn't eat, and then I had my first coffee - not latte, not mocha - actually black coffee (okay, with whipped cream), while we sat outdoors in a cafe, basking in the early spring sun. I was hoping to pay for tickets, but as per usual, fate wouldn't have it, though G gave me enough to at least appear able. We went to see the second part of a dumb YA movie we saw a year ago, which we dubbed 'Hump me! Hump me!', because the lead girl spends most of the time staring at the lead boy with that exact expression on her face.
I had such incredibly low expectations (and really wanted to see Jai Courtney's char die), that I enjoyed the whole thing start to finish. I no longer totally hate this actress or her odd face, nor do I care whether she will die or not in the end. I watched plenty of reviews beforehand, in which they stressed how bored every actor seemed, how uninterested in being in such a brainless flick. But Miles teller is getting interesting to watch and the other guy, the lead male with the big black eyes, well. We didn't exactly suffer :D
Was a bit disappointed with the whole Eric execution scene, though (where a bucket of popcorn came in handy to console me) - it was uselessly brief, as opposed to that of the book, which is one of my favorite scenes. Not that I read the books, mind. I just read the bits about Eric. I have a thing for evil looking little shits like that :p