Friday, 27 March 2015

Vera, season 1

Watching Vera, a police story series by the British TV (which means the lead isn't a 22-year old underwear model with quadruple pHD, but a small sports tank in the form of Brenda Blethyn, who is so awesome I want to be her - soon.  The episodes are more like movies, four per first season, an hour or so long. They are heavy, lonely, very personal and not quite as depressing as Wallander, nor as Skandi-thriller. Crimes are complex and slow, things often burdening whole families if not neighborhoods, and very often the case of people intertwined - down to earth people, not exotic serial killers. The investigations are realistic and witness-oriented. A large part is also played by the scenery, Northumberland in the flesh, so to speak, though not as large as Svalbard is in Fortitude. I highly recommend it, though beware, it's not light reading, (Novels by Ann Cleves) or viewing.

Don't let the auntie face fool you. She's a Golda Meir inside.