Sunday, 10 April 2016

It is, it is a perfect morning. The weather is perfect. No clouds. Beautiful dawn. Got up at five on their time, as six is already a bit late by my time. Showered, which was an adrenaline sport, as the floor of the pretty kiost is murderously slippery once the shampoo runs down; had to stand on a towel. I made myself more tea and ate a few of Tinka's bounties. Oddly enough, my appetite is somewhat shy. That's rare. Tried to do makeup on myself, but because the water made my face all spotty and reddish, the end result was that of an old transvestite after a blowjob. My curler was of no use, since I haven't the proper socket. Ah, well. Guess I'm still good old me. 

G and I finally learned to Skype and talked for an hour while he was still yawning on the bed - just seeing his beautiful face and his fat puppy tongue made me want to cry again. But I am too happy. Today is going to be an interesting day. And I like interesting days.