Monday, 4 April 2016

Unable to decide which book to take with me. I've been reading Alabama song – about Zelda Fitzgerald, Wild about that lost hiker and her backpack, and Guns, germs and steel, about evolution of civilisations these past couple of weeks… Neither feels worthy of being my companion for the road. Alabama song is terrible – it portrays the couple Fitzgerald as the most miserable, fucked up spoiled losers who did everything wrong and hated everything, mostly one another, utterly awful people. Wild I’m almost done with and is not the kind to read philosophically. The latter is not the type to take to a boat. It’s okay, just not boats-related…  I don’t want to take a book I don’t know or one I’d miss if I had to replace it… and those are the only two kinds I have. Decisions, decisions… :/