Tuesday, 25 October 2016

And this was BEFORE the coffee

 I just thought of a really hot twist… In fact I was talking to myself in the kitchen while waiting for the coffee water to boil, and it hit me: I thought of another scary way for Kay’s sanity to be tested - and her coming out on top, which she does. Namely, for someone to suggest that Marowit was a figment of her imagination all along. And that she needn’t worry about him, because he’s not real. That would be a vicious thing to try and write, considering that, yes, we know, he’s a dream. Literally.
                Following this idea, I now have to go back all over again and make sure that all of the scenes between Marowit and Kay are entirely imagined for real. Like, for real real.
                … What?
Oh, right, coffee.