Saturday, 22 October 2016

'Goose' updates....

I understand that towards the end, because almost all of Kay’s friends/team-mates have died in Startracker in the beginning of the book, to add another hint to the rebuilding of the library city, I should probably introduce new characters – new aspects of Kay’s all-over-the-place personality and so-called ambition. If Fidi represents her clever but childhood side and if Cole represents her vengeful, violent side, yes, many more ‘teammates’ are needed indeed. And I’ve considered going outside the European pool, but have ultimately decided that Paper will instead purposefully and intentionally represent European Messengers. This will serve as a neat contrast when she runs into rivals and their picturesque ensembles.
The important part of this mobilisation of new blood is people who are not Kay’s lovers. As much as she is able to have very strong feelings for her boss and have great sex with him all the time, there is absolutely nothing like love between them and that’s rare – I’m proud of it. I need more characters like that. Lovers she has a-plenty.
The first pair (totally unlike Hangele&Rhyannon) will be Camille and Shoshana, a couple of young Parisians during WWII, resistance fighters and students who try the approach with pamphlets and plotting rather than violence. Of course they die for shitty reasons, him sooner than her; she just vanishes in one of the camps or something.
This is as far as I got. I think I’ll try to get back someone like the Sherridans as well, but from an older era, Rome or some such. Or some cool old fiction.
And maybe someone from the future. But first things first.

… Hm, by the way, who is supposed to be the next Spotter? I totally forgot about that... Hm...