Friday, 28 October 2016

Quietly disagreeing

Funny how unprincipled I find myself sometimes to be. Sometimes I very clearly and very justifiably, argumentatively disagree with somebody – and may even have a point! – but will not speak up, not even dare, because between them and me is someone whom I like and whom I would want to have a good or no opinion of me, even though perhaps at this stage they don’t even know I exist. Funny feeling indeed. And such a strange hostage for them to take, a total stranger's emotions. Mind, these are people who are very strongly against emotions and will do anything to make their 'real world problems' statements hard and clear. Problem is, I find them to be unpleasant, fanatical and slightly doomsaying. The world is not fucking ending because of some election, for fuckssakes. Every time Americans are voting the rest of the world is going hysterical. They made, like, twenty full-lenght-feature movies about Bush's election. There really is no need to commit group suicide. Oh, how I want to go into a Twitter or YouTubeCommentsSection war with some of these idiots. Yet I won’t. Because among them are some that have me in awe. Almost in love. (Not the Real world kind, the fictional character kind, that won't get me killed by G) And not even in utter anonymity would I do anything to make their day even just a little worse, not even several thousands of miles away.

I can be such a fucking fangirl sometimes.