Friday, 14 July 2017

Perhaps the most important reason of why I take time away from G is to work on my reactionary nature. It was not until very recently that I realized an alternative to despairing over any little shit that isn't going your way - or, sometime, big bad stuff - but the fact remains my marital bliss has caused me to seek always one and only one solution to every problem, big or small: find G. G will know what to do.
Or. a more probably mentality: G has the money to handle it. Perhaps it's not having any money that frightens me about the real world..  while I KNOW those penniless ought to be most care-free and resourceful..
In retrospect, of course, things that happen are so miniature they are certainly not worth any tears or blisters, but that is always the case with 'all is well that ends well'. I need to train myself to not freak out every time I lose control of every detail of the real world. This time, these days away, are some of that exercise. 
Solve your own shit. And even though you can, don't cry into the phone like a little bitch during. Look, the main thing is, at least now you have a whole sheet of bubble wrap to pop. Oh, how the cat envies you!