Sunday, 16 July 2017

Traveloguing a wee bit around the city, which is wonderful, through the old part and back through a flea market where you can get anything from old Nazi uniforms to Gandalf pipes, Elvis records to ancient photo cameras, old money and fairly new Hungarian stamps... I'm tempted to buy everything, but I forced myself to try and film a neat video for the vlog, showing how cute our capital can be. took no more and no less than one whole photo to serve as the thumbnail...

Still not sure how to make custom thumbnails, but more importantly, I've no idea how to make YouTube content I want either. I need to figure out the shtick, the energy, the brightness, the seriousness and the originality of my posts. I have never in my entire existence breached the gap between my shy exclusiveness and profitable popularity. It's my summer job to figure it out, how to be cultural and erudite, yet compete with gamer little boys and fitness little girls.