Sunday, 27 May 2018

Aaaar, my comp died momentarily! I am so wingless without it! Well, the screen turned reddish and then black and I thought Ah, fikkish, there goes the screen. Or the graphics. Hopefully not the main drive. In the end, after a load of shuffling components around, it turns out it was the stupid screen cable. It hadn't even occurred to me that a cable can die. Nuts :D 

Yesterday we spent the whole day ... I don't know the word for it, but 'pouring honey'. That's not a metaphor, it's literally: G and his da were taking out the honeycombs (nigh 50 hives times ten honeycombs), Rockstar and Jan, the other cousin, were bringing them to the workplace (behind closed doors, because we'd be invaded otherwise), myself and brother-in-law were combing the wax off the top to open the honey cells and G's ma used centrifuge to get the honey pouring. Delicious honey, too, I couldn't stop licking it. I mean, everything was sweet and sticky, EVERYTHING in their house that day. Poor G got stung, despite the hasmat-looking suit, in the face and the knee. The knee one hurts like embers and the face one makes him look like Azog completely :D His eyes are tiny green peas and his forehead is huge :D He has not a single wrinkle on the entirety of his head :D :D :D Like botox gone terribly wrong :D He resents me from laughing every time I see him :D

This morn I woke early to see what I can do about the Pokemon gyms, pissed off the other day that all were the wrong colour and I had no chance to turn them - heavy hitters all - and even if I did, some moron would just kick me out after minutes, as alone I was simple enough prey. The guys on Discord assured me I'm free to turn gyms if they hold more than three, so I offed on the other side of the city to battle through the monastery yard. Twenty minutes later, almost succeeding, a glitch suddenly charged every last one of gym-stationed Pokies back to full health all across the map. I though I will burn down the damn cloister. But it was funny. An hour later, as I go home, the healths of all gym-stationed Pokies began to subside to their normal before-glitch numbers. The Gods of Pokemon were quite clearly fucking with me :D

It was before six as I set out, my neighbour agreeing to go on a short hike at 8am, and I turned four. Back at the cloister, the Pokie of my first daily gym returned, baring 4 coins. I checked: the Monument of War and Peace... Dog in one hand, camera in the other, like the lady from Kung Fu Hustle in flip-flops, I charged across the town. I was THIS close to renaming the Pokie: WHICH PART OF LEAVE THEM IN FOR AT LEAST 8 HOURS ESCAPES YOU?!, but I just kicked out the enemy Pokie with one coin to his name instead. 

Then we went of a hike and I got three ticks. Bees and ticks and kittens, oh my! Real-world Pokies galore!

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