Thursday, 3 May 2018

I know I'm dragging with you, my beloved blog, I know, I know, I'm guilty, but these days have been so busy all I do is feed the beasts of Instagram and run errands... We've almost completely finished with the railing (we ran out of material), dad's birthday is upon us, we had to mow in the vineyard, dig holes for baby grapevines, help finish and clean up, help the in-laws with their renovations, work with the bee hives, mow around the hunter's post, shop and we photographed a bonfire, but in a hurry, because the neighbours were freaking out - the wind was taking sparks way too close to their farm.

It's great, life, at the moment. But SO compact. I try to publish something every day, but I just get home and pass out. Last night there was a storm, so I went to bed early, disconnecting the computers for safety and I just fell asleep. (Actually I tried to rape the General for the third time that day, because my hormones are through the roof and I am on him like a chick on a noodle. I wrote two smut stories - one in which a gigantic hornet rapes a woman and one in which Pik van Cleef rapes a woman. But politely. They are love stories. With a lot of forced insemination. I even got a comment on my Hentai Foundry page, which I was not aware I maintained, but it does sound like me.

This is the size of a small bird.

We have a few stormy days coming in. After that, I should finally start hiking, anxious and restless and wired up. I know there's lots of stuff in the real World left to be done - I have to dig nine more holes tomorrow at dawn (gets too hot later on), and make a cake for dad, but other than that, and a ton of photos I'm still owing to various clients, I should be scott free next week. Gods of hiking contingent.