Saturday, 3 July 2010

The good the bad and the over easy..

Weird morning. Slightly revealing, tho. Benjamin Franklin announced it. He is said to have said the saying: Ambition is just dreams with work clothes on :D hehe, I like that. And maybe, just maybe, I could do the fashion for once ;)
          The letter from an ex spouse made me feel approximately as flattered as a rape victim receiving a photo of her rapist jerking off, saying 'thinking of you'. I did read a few lines, hoping against all hope he'll be asking for a bone marrow or a kidney or something :D Alas.. Then again what would it say about *my* mental state, if to someone whom *I* cheated on and was ashamed of being seen in public with and having dumped them ultimately, reasoning it's for the career, I wrote telling them how very well I'm doing? No idea what the fuck he wanted, but I'm glad he's overpaying whatever he's smoking.. 
           At the same time I was talking to Pat (all hail to the time difference - my absurd morning hours are simply early party time down in the Oz) and he distracted me by describing in detail his trip with the lady, making a lush circle from Harlem to Treme, to Key Largo and back again to Waldorf Astoria, NY. We got to talking about money and how being a businessman isn't simply making good old doe - and who doesn't want that - but also being directly in the fast lane.. Art may change the world indeed and I may have tendencies to be an anthropologist or a journalist, but art changes the world in a hundred years whereas progressive, aggressive business project may do it a lot faster. I am a creature of creation, so suddenly, having it all except ability to make money, I've planted a seed that makes me want to open a Starbucks in my country or invent a retro trend that'll steer the culture a little more to where I want the world to be :D
             Then the general made breakfast and the world was perfect again :D
             Off to walk the nutty mutt and then it'll be too hot to do anything but WoW.. Ahhhh, dear Saturdays :D

....Hmmm, should I write a short story about a woman who is in love with July? Waiting all year for it, the distant lover, dressing up, having long walks with slow conversations and sweaty skin with fragrant warm  breeze in the bedroom?.... Hmmm...