Thursday, 15 July 2010

I walked downhill in the total darkness again last night. That's so enjoyable to me. Almost primal.
           We're spraying the vineyards - General with the machine and me as the supply kid, bringing him buckets of poison, which grapes like and bottles of drinks, which he likes.. Don't worry, I don't mix them up :P When darkness falls, he's already too tired to talk, so he just changes his clothes and hurries home to soak it all off, ere he starts glowing in the dark. I stay behind, chat with dad, play with dogs, bug mum for an ice coffee and take a shower there, putting on just about any clothes at all. Nobody can see me anyway :p
           Then I walk down. It's half an hour's or so walk and if it's cloudy or really moonlit, then it's quite bright, but sometimes it is moonless and dim just enough to spare me the benefit of the starlight. I have to walk in the middle of the road just to stay on it. The shade of it is only a touch lighter than the edges. And I have to be really careful not to kick anything, like a hedgehog, which is the task for the ears to care :)
            The darkness, especially this hot one, feels like a cloak to me. It so does. Normally I wear a white T-shirt or I'd have to shine my cell phone to passing cars (and I must look a bit strange, hands over my eyes every time a car passes, but it's vital for my sight, so pass appearances), but if I didn't, I could stand 3 feet away from anything and would not be seen. Of course some animals may offer some danger, like snakes and occasional mother hog, but around here most animals flee the humans, especially so pugnantly reeking as we are to them in this heat. But humans - though occasional one, even if posing as predators, would need quite some element of surprise and another of my fear to subdue me inhope of some form of gratification, be it financial (hah!) or carnal.. I am not the fearful type, however, and usually walk around at least a little bit armed. But to strike and miss, and try to chase me in this dark? All I would have to do is squat... and breathe easy. The stuffyness of after hours is flawless in its hiding-place form. I can be a predator as much as the next creature of the night..