Monday, 19 July 2010

Quickie update (still no pickies as camera still in quarantine..)

Time flies when you're young and training a small beagle...

Still on temp duty, still drawing and designing meanwhile and still sewing when at home, although the machine is acting up a little in this past project. I've been thinking whether to change all the baggies from 'leisure sheek' to 'doggy walks'.. I'll have both logos printed, just in case :)

The new work week has just began and I've treated myself to one (and a half... *guilty face*) of the Helen pear/chocolate french pastry breakfasts and ice coffee. Miss my comp, but can easily do it all when at the office, as I arrive an hour sooner than most others. I'm getting quite fond of Facebook, because sometimes there really is no other way to say hey to someone you wanna chat with - phones cost and feel funny, meeting them for a drink in this heat wouldn't be so cool and they usually either work all day or live someplace far. So simply poking them and knowing they've gotten the message is kind of cute. I'm at the oppinion that people with 5oo 'friends' are sociopaths, but those who insist to not be on FB are simply being political. Bottom line, I don't mind Zemotion updating her FB more ajourely than her blog. :P She's posted another instant classic on FB today. It's just one of those little things that make my whole morning :)

Zemotion's latest.. pretty fierce, isn't it?...

We went hunting yesterday, but it was too windy and rainy and only saw a fraction of what we were after. It was a weird day, though, time-wise.. We got up at 3am, sat on a dirt road between a meadow and a forest until 6, got back to sleep again until 11, had lunch, fooled around the house, went back to bed at 3, woke up again at 6pm and went for a walk until 9, then watched some odd old movie that General found utterly predictable, but it was watchable anyway. No idea who the cast was or what year it was made. One of those 196o's portrayals of history (some Celts and druids and English quazy dukes..) ..hang on. I'll go check...

LOL. "The war Lord" with Charlton heston (1965). And I don't generally like the guy. Michael moore's fault, really :)

And now the week's began for the real people and I only have 11 days to finish my project - quite some of which is already well done. For the first time in a long while I'm able to choose amidts my work and only pick the best. usually I'm all in every time. But not only am I working overly, I am also shaking the dust coats off some older things I will be able to use here. I fully plan to launch Ninovela Bijou page by my birthday :)

Chev Chelios!