Thursday, 29 July 2010

Watching Bleach again. Love it And perhaps Sherlock, the modernized episodes - and so far they seem to stick. Looks like Luther had the same cinematographer - or has Britain's industry invented a new generation and is so far sticking to it? But no complaints there. I'm always willing to give Martin Freeman a big Yes almost every time I see him. And awkward scenes about possibly gay advances are always a hoot. Curious choice of lead.The way they mock modern times is an excellent point to the contrast Holmes is supposed to represent - once, in good old days, his wit was bothersome to all foolish and these days his wit is so quaintly (and erotically) retro - who uses their BRAIN anymore, come on. Either way, he doesn't belong and isn't being invited to parties.

        Decided to make myself a dress.... Didn't work out so well. I blame the fact I'm fat :p
        The baggies, on the other hand, are getting quite ... phat  :D