Thursday, 21 October 2010

Faced the parentals with all the accusations they had, but they don't seem to want money more than they want me, so they don't want me to move out just yet. We got to the part where I'd say if I owe them so gorram much, then just take this place and sell it and then it's money you'll have aplenty. I forgot to mention that living in this house is not quite the blessing everyone thinks - it's nasty cold and nothing much works.  he stove only has one on-off plate still alive. I burn all my pancakes :( We can't even wash our clothes without flooding the bathroom every time and the drains don't... drain. Toni asked his folks if we can take the apartment they have spare and so the first time someone says I stole something again or something of the sort, I'm out of here. (How dare I accept a gift!? Knowing everyone else things they deserve it more...) Of course I knew this day will come, when all my decisions will backfire - not so much for being bad but for being mine and not theirs. Well, fuck it. It all comes down to Mark. I stand by my decision regarding Mark.
              And as a blessing, Drey dragged me out for a long walk and there was SUN! to greet us! If you'll believe it! With a hysterically hyper active Lyra on one side and the soothing friend on the other, I was able to take the first picture of the sun in ages! :D And then there were the scary mists and swamp lights on the way back, the dark path by the slow river, the fool's moon and Drey's story about a primrose that only blooms at night :) It was magical.

But of course the pickies can't be loaded, again, so you'll have to take my word for it  :S