Friday, 22 October 2010

New cow transport

 Yesterday the General's family went to buy a new dairy cow. It was a gloriously sunny day (someone living in a desert my argue, but after two weeks of drizzle and gloom, I was 'aaaawww'ing at every orange leaf we passed.)
       This is a nasty business and super dangerous and requires really people who know what to do, because very easily there goes a finger, sawed off by a rope, or a man gets stampeded, or backs get kicked in - and of course even to simply allow the animal to panic and slip and break something, that's a total loss. The cow needs to be moved quickly and with the least amount of stress. Once again I am very happy people know what they are doing when something needs to be done.

 The future dairy cows :) Curly!

 The new stable :) New arrival is the one in the middle and of course instantly, quite literally, the center of attention :) Check out the hair-do :D