Monday, 25 October 2010

Spent a joyous afternoon, meeting a new friend. One can tell, because I didn't take any pictures at all :D The morning shoot was cool, although I seemed to have disappointed the girl with the cool earrings, as she finds the pictures too dull. The ones that i find done the best are the ones she likes the least. That is the abyss between the art and fashion :)
         Starbark is a little bit sick - she has some sort of an external snout infection. It looks nasty and I hope it doesn't hurt.. it doesn't seem to itch. No idea how the heck she got it. Another reason why i shouldn't kiss her :S What is the fun of having an adorable dog if I can't squeeze and hug her all the time!!?
          Talking to my date (why can't the dates we wish to work be this nice? Why do those have to be psychotic and friendly dates without expectations are always so magnificent?) I realized several witty things. Example - why don't I wear hats, even if I am a hatter's granddaughter? Why, because using a camera under a hat is a might graceless :D
           We talked about a graduation study regarding photography. being a graphic artist, I suggested she titles her research: the aesthetic value of a graphic effect on photographs of the 1920's - the exploration era... and starts with describing quickly evolving, adapting materials to a new form of documentation and thus expression, and what was then a flaw and shortcoming is nowadays regarded as artistic patina and romantic highlight. She could follow the trial and tribulations of female jungle cartographers or archaeologists and their strives to capture the time of great courage and vision... if used as a red thread, this sort of study could be done very readable :)
             Pat and I discussed a beach sandal commercial yestereve and I mused how a female photographer, a beach native (Australian) is a lot more likely to capture the feel of a product rather than a male one would, as men are a lot more focused onto the materials and matter. As this sort of a cushy sandal is a little bit of home one walks on even in the rest of the world, it is cool to put it on everyday youngsters in all-day-long activities, and all sorts of situations - all taken slightly from the viewpoint of the shoe. Unlike the Ugly Betty doctrine, this ones really are function, not fashion :))
             Despite the fact Barky is ill and some of my pickies were not a success, it has been a great day. Not the least of which was the General's request to look up requirements for a detective's licence... O.o 
             My General?... All grown up and entirely nuts - like me?! As I live and struggle for breath ... :D