Sunday, 10 October 2010

Haha, had another good stoream with Qashkay (the alien, not the misspelled car). It took place in an old Petovian mansion with a lofty, monastery-like maze of a structure and a street that's likely the main square of Celje. A bunch of us girls and two small dogs were hiding in it, first by day and then by night, trying to not get pinned down by the predator and although we had a few close calls, only one - a very thin, sorry looking bastard-princess like creature, who was sick with pregnancy all the time, got killed. Several got badly wounded, though. I know that at some point I lost my nerve and simply squatted down into a corner behind the door, fully aware that the burning fireplace will not fool him at all, only attract him. Starbark gave us plenty trouble, to, because she of course wouldn't come when called and I just couldn't bring myself to say 'fuck the dog'. However. The homicidal maniac didn't notice me right behind the corner, where I hid with my eyes closed, thinking if I'm lucky it will be too quick for feeling like a loser...
         Which got me thinking... It may not have been the predator at all. And why did it only kill this one girl, which none of us knew too well, we only knew she was in some sort of trouble and too weak to run anymore? So I stopped hiding and started looking for the alien, occasionally bumping into him at dawn. We almost had a conversation on the pronunciation of his name, but the point was, someone else was after the poor girl, taking this opportunity to frame the monster and get away with murder. I went to get investigators, making sure they don't get too scared and making sure the evidence, which i knew was there, doesn't disappear entirely by the time the forensics get to it. Someone did try to clean it, but I knew where to look.
          Coupled with the sense of dread, stretched intellect and the scenery, it was a joyride of a dream :))