Thursday, 22 September 2011

The alien attack cliche and other serious shit

Aww, come ON! Why are my dreams always so - you have to fight, fight, fight! to keep what you've always wanted? Or maybe I'm just watching way too many alien invasion movies. Take your pick which one bugged me this time: The Faculty? District9? Grey Gardens?
                The dream was about a bunch of us, friends, I think it was three married couples, who unexpectedly struck gold with some business. I don’t know what exactly it was, but it suddenly made us surprisingly rich. The downside was, that now some of us (in this case my husband) had to work lot abroad, leaving me home alone, so I would often stop over at this humongous castle-like building (But not like the one in X-men, this one is about fifty years old)  in some sad, old, unkept part of the Hamptons, dreaming about having such a large private school. So, as a surprise, the husband would put all our money in it and give it to me as a gift. At the start of the dream I am just panicking, because of course the school is entirely unfamiliar to everyone and no matter what we do, we only gain 32 students. We only have ten or so teachers, capable as they may be, we employ five cleaning ladies to really make the place shine, because it was abandoned for something like twenty years, we build plastic doors to separate wards and at times lock down entire floors, because there’s no us for them yet… The castle is so large there are plenty nice apartments to chose from – which will later become gym locker rooms – while we try and make do with what we’ve got. And OF COURSE on the very first day aliens invade. Like, what the heck else was I expecting?! So with another friend, one of my professors (I mean one of my friends who is now working for me, not someone who once taught me), we decide to blow cup-fulls of milk powder into the alien faces with a blow-drier, because that’s what seems to melt them. Supposedly some special costly imported baby milk powder is the only potent thing (seriously? Baby food?? Okay, I think we’ve been having way too much reproductive sex lately.), although it looks like pretty white washing machine powder with blue specks. Long story short, there’s running around, looking for the aliens, messing the whole place up. Moral of the story is: be careful what you wish for, because you just my get it and them some fucking creeps will invade and try to ruin everything. MAN the things you have to consider when getting ambitious…