Wednesday, 28 September 2011

On mathematical shapes and TV shows update

Drej and I, on our daily doggy walk through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered (mostly hordes of high school retards), hit the subject of geometric shapes today. It usualy starts with a doggie talk and we were talking about how at some point both her cat and her dog will have the post-op satellite dishes around their heads - so if they decide to snuggle, what is the double-cone shape they will create? I have looked through wiki (and found stuff such as Bezier curve, torus, the tesseract.... ) but no double-cone rhomboid thingie. Hourglass, yes, but not two cones in love. So, working on it.

Yesterday, for a movie night, we went through a couple of bad ideas before finally settling for Luther and Saturday Night Live. We tried watching the third Transformers as a popcorn foreplay, but that was unwatchable. I don't think anyone can stomach Shia LaBeouf anymore, the long lost son of Woody Allen and my religious grade school math school teacher, Mrs. Tangent. There is a scene where the thing playing his girlfriend (imagine a 90210 poster child for plastic surgery that Prince William would keep around to suck his privates) gets out of a car and spreads her legs so wide it makes Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct seem coy and overdressed. And that's in a movie targeted at nine year olds...
            Tried watching 2x01 Boardwalk Empire, but that proved a little too disturbing, even for me. "When he was a baby, when I changed his diaper, I would kiss his little winkie..." said by the man's mother was a little too much. Seeing women shot sealed it. Even if I love Steve Buscemi. Tried watching Charlie's Angels, Pan Am and Nikita.... but won't try that again. The Mentalist, The Good Wife and Castle are something I would watch over breakfast - though Castle is just something one watches because of Nathan Fillion. When he says: "Our killer is a superhero?!!" it just makes you want to take him out for pancakes and keep him close. Terra Nova, for all the dinosaurs, and all the 'we are heading for ugly future (five seconds into the show you think 'Jeesh, that's one fucked up planet')', is a high budget 'been there done that'. I do get turned on immensely by Stephen Lang, but he already did this role in Avatar better. It would be interesting if the little girl at the end of the pilot in their big speech would be some cool rogue wildlife photographer he’s trying to protect and his lover as opposed to his surrogate daughter. Seriously? Parental figures all over the place? Another show with plenty blood but nobody being horny? I thought Game of Thrones proved we could move on from that. There’s only like 50.000 shows on air these days that think slaughter is cool but boobs are filthy.
              Then again Raising Hope is back. I’ve been missing those flippers :D And oddly enough, regardless of how everyone says bad things about Hart of Dixie, and my weakness for southern scenery (and Men in Trees), it can actually be watched from start to finish... Perhaps it's my chick flick for the autumn. Everyone needs at least one.