Thursday, 15 September 2011

Job terrors

Jesus Fuck how I hate people who:

-  don't sign my work when they publish it
-  copy my ideas
- copy my ideas well
-  pretend to be friendly only to fuck me over later (profession-wise.) 

It's not true that I hate it when others take good photographs - not even remotely - I love excellent art within my craft and am very happy so many talented people are shooting so much... But some are no better than stealing Z's shots to make a portfolio! I mean for shit's sakes! ...But all that irk is my fault, simply because I haven't mastered a unique style yet, one that would be my signature and nobody could step on it so easily... Portraiture aside, I have one more month to figure out what I want to do with fashion shots and with my nudes... Okay, maybe not with the nudes, because I simply do the 'little girl with big camera' thing, I'm so overwhelmed by the whole happening... So maybe not the nudes. But portraits and the fashion for certain. Quick.