Sunday, 18 September 2011

I had an interesting dialogue with Zemotion. It wasn't quite as /professionaly/ flirtatious and perky as I would have hoped, but it was kind of powerful regardless...

First there was the Facebook wall post. Just something I needed to say.
You wouldn't believe me if I told you how much I miss your blogging... You used to tell us everything about your shoots and those would be such cool, personal stories (that every photographer can relate to, haha)... And now... So scarce :( So scarce :,((

    • zemotion I'm so sorry T___T I'm so swamped these days it's really hard. And I don't write naturally well or anything so it takes a lot a lot of time.. I'll try...!!
      Friday at 12:33am ·

    • Pape Kay
      Well, you know those moments, on those really nasty workdays, when you wake up twenty minutes before the chaos starts, brush your teeth, sit down behind your comp, drink your favorite coffee and check what’s up with the world – and there’s a new blog entry from Jingna!! :D…. And you know no matter what it’s gonna be an okay day. Even if all the models are annoying, all the lenses get moist, all the lights burn way to bright for comfort, all the other coffee sucks… :)) I am fairly certain I am not the only photie who feels that way :))) How would Gaiman put it? You feel like ‘a polestar in solution’.

      Friday at 5:31am · 

      Then there was her response by osting an entry on her blog after ages :)
      ... in which she links back to this FB dialogue we had, and to which I replied: 
      D Wasn't my intention to make you sad, silly. I meant to make you feel there's like - literally - million people out there who think you're amazing. Being hardworking isn't boring! You know that line: staring at the stars is all fine and dandy, but somebody's got to milk the cows?... You prove to us that within all this relentless 'blink and you'll miss the opportunity' one can still remain so very fundamentally human.
      Pix said...
      PS If you ever decide to publish a book about HOW it is to do what you do, even if it is just this blog on paper, it would sell like cupcakes, wouldn't you think? Isn't that the mother of all group hugs for the soul?? :))


Turquoise V. said...

OMG, what an honnor! I'm so proud of you Pape! <3<3<3***

Pix said...

An honor it may be - although it was not my intent to make her sad, just to post :)) But this is whom I want to best. I just want her to tell me if it's worth it.