Saturday, 28 April 2012

Just another manic Sunday

(Okay, Saturday, but Friday's been a national holiday, so weekend started off early.)

I've been realising some stuff today. Firstly, the answer to any moral dilemma ever is 'no'. Should I tell something I've learnt....? No. Is it better to act on a.....? No. Would it make me a better person if I....? No. Keep your nose to yourself. Unless it affects you directly, stay out of it. 
... And watching the David 8 promos, I still don't know what is unethical. Okay, no, I do. Just not regarding my own life.  Whenever I do, I can always only name other people's examples. The closest I've gotten to myself is gossip, but I don't really gossip. Not like a pro.

I am not a fan of tiny things. I am not very fond of finesse. For example, if someone offers me a tiny pastry to sample or a tiny cup to drink something tasty from... Don't do that. I don't like one lovely kiss or one gentle stroke of my hair or one quickie. Nor would I appreciate one raspberry or one hearing of a really good song. I like an endless supply of these at my disposal. It doesn't matter how I ration it, that's my business. Chocolate, milk, art, books, kissing... I've arranged my life to be a cornucopia of this, so don't challenge it.
I have thoroughly stopped stealing things. This one is probably blamed on the General, because he's also responsible for me now always being on time. For someone who used to think that being on time is a waste of time, this is a thorough leap. I still occasionally take things that don't belong to me, but these things could never be considered an act of crime. I take, like, more food that it's actually offered or a flower from someone else's meadow... 

Now that I have finally washed and stored all my socks in neat pairs, it's too hot for anything but my flip-flops. 

I've finally realised what the story in my book, the one about Canada is about: it's about Kay trying to see where blatant arrogance will take her, as she's already tried everything being nice and meek and it only ever got her half way... 

Today was my mum's birthday. We all visited her, something that makes me so tired after it's done that I near pass out - probably especially because it takes so long and we grab food so quickly when it's done it kind of clogs our system. Then I get cranky and emotional and the General orders me to to go to bed and sleep it off, like a baby, and when I wake up, it's the middle of the night. 

And two more things: my dad is very smart. Funny, when lately I get to talk to him and we feel a little bit like strangers that have been in the same boat for thirty five years, I notice we have our wits exactly alike. I can't really fool him and he will see the second layer of things intuitively, honestly and clearly, like I often do. This is kind of really really neat. He's like me, with more beard. 

... and the General is an amazing designer. We took on a project today and when we got home, he sketched the first draft on a back on an envelope and it's brilliant. he's like a fucking comic book artist to which I'm just the inker. Crimeney. The things he failed to mention before I fell madly in love with him :D