Sunday, 1 April 2012

Game of Thrones, season two

April 1st, tonight the second season starts, after a year of waiting... The thing I love the most about this sheenaddle is that NOBODY knows how things will end, probably not even Martin, if they will ever end at all. There is no Happily Ever After, for anyone. The characters likeliest to survive another book are some of the girls, but I'm gonna say that out loud. Thing is, the war cannot end. Who will get the throne so that everyone is happy? Who will avenge all wrong so that anyone is left at all? Who will stop the wild things from the North and how will the next generation be any more shiny and noble than any before them? Like human history, read long enough, this story too will turn and turn. Obscene, really, that so many must be torn to bits of us to enjoy an excellent narrative.