Sunday, 15 April 2012

Mum and dad made a tribute lunch to the bookie launch - dad by making my favourite foods (stefani roast, red cabbage...) and mum by wrapping the book with a flower on a posh spot behind the table :)) That was super sweet of them, we even opened a bottle of bubbly, even though nobody really drinks it. I've made a couple of sales and couple of deals, enough to feel slightly less empty-handed for a change.

... And I remembered that once, a long time ago, I illustrated the original 'Stone Age Home Read' really, really, neatly, but the mentor that was supposed to read it, never returned it. Which kind of pissed me off...

Then I painted a design of Paper Kay from the moment she realizes she's abandoned the ranks of hunter-gatherers of stories and joined Chimes as someone who makes sure certain stories don't last too long. A story shepherd, if you will... And her life begins to make sense again.