Friday, 6 April 2012

Keeping my head on

Well, when it rains it really friggin' pours, so of course when I needed it the most, my computer decided to have a break. It's amazing how utterly naked I felt, left two days without - at this moment - my ultimate took of trade. My whole routine was bust and it would have been great if I had time to spare or if I had saved some of my work less than a week ago. And also, if I had known for sure that all my expensive programs would still be here when my comp came back to me. That's the stress that i really don't need but am almost certain to add to my long list of complete and utter nuttery that my life is lately. Granted, it's just the way I like it.

Come the tricky Wednesday, the General tried to cheer me up by taking me to the firing range. As much as I love my secret sniper life, I *loathe* 7mm bullets. The force of their kick is enough to either break my arcade or imprint my bra buckle into my shoulder for days. I have learnt how to use the optics without the arcade mangling, but the bra buckle is still there. General's custom made gun is simply too long and I cannot for the life of me get a grip on it without sacrificing the accuracy. Though I really did make excellent little sand pillows for it to sit well. Everyone wants to use them now. And we fixed the hut front shield, so that the afternoon sun doesn't blaze directly into you when you're aiming.

Not saying it wasn't a wonderfully stress-releasing afternoon. It was. I just miss my own gun :(

Then Drej took me to he mum's clay workshop and I got some normal, human, girly cheering up in the evening. I haven't handled clay since the sixth grade 25 or so year ago, and really really loved getting to feel and know the material again. her mum is a master when it comes to handling it and she first taught me to make a basic simple erasers and pencil sharpeners box with a lid :D I'm fantasising about making busts already, but there's plenty I want to try beforehand. Like bell angels and food pots and suchlike. Normal stuff. Fun stuff. Not projects. The whole point of such workshops for me is to have fun and do relaxing stuff. Blowing big holes into wooden dummies doesn't cover all of my needs :)p

 Drej working on the platters for the bowls she previously made for her furry beasts

 The box in wraps :))

 Almost done. Ready to dry and shrink. My first clay result, yaaay!

 The workshop. What a place, yeesh. Looks like someone's heaven, really.