Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Prometheus promos and hot men's dentals

I am not sure what Prometheus is going to be about, as far as I can tell it will delve deep into the world of Aliens and other serious shit, but I am already loving the really spooky promos they are putting out periodically. As Weyland Yutani's android Bishop was almost as creepy as the first movie's Ash, and Gods know I wrote *novels* about what I would do to him if I could keep him, now there's a new toaster in town. This latest promo introduces David. Although Michael Fassbender is quite young and has magnificent green eyes, I can't take my eyes off his mouth... There's just something so incredibly unnatural about it - like it belonged to another species. How can anyone have so many teeth?? It's hard getting over Gotye, who looks like someone ran out of room for incisors and then added them in afterwards. That being said (and if need be, I'll say it again: in my next life I want to come back as Michael Fassbender's underwear), I can't think of anything less appealing than an android type-David... (LOVE the Julian Sands hair-do. Has there ever been a worse hair-do on a grown man?!) That's like a friggin' nuclear wasteland waiting to happen. It's like a serial killer with an IQ of a child, dressed in a poodle. If I had a rich dad who bough some for his company, I would have made sure we were never on the same floor.

 It looks very shiny, though, doesn't it? Very clean?

 Two people from thsi industry i am always looking forward to seeing again: Scott and Rapace.. The movie also has Idris Elba. Doesn't get much cooler than that.
Certainly a lot less clammy than Giger's vaginal designs would have it... Which is a shame, as those sceneries contributed to the cult status. It made you really not want to be there. Here it just makes me wish I'd brought a bigger mug of coffee.