Saturday, 12 May 2012

Coffees with friends

There has been a lot of stuff going on lately. The most unpredictable and time consuming (not to mention, shock, dread and awe) has been a dance with dragons – I mean media – regarding the book launch lately. Between running around and scheduling literary events and giving interviews for newspapers and radio, I am either making plans for more or coordinating them with people who are better at this than I am. And also, of course, sometimes you get to deal with lovely, fun people and sometimes there’s no way to avoid fucking assholes.
My darling brother was going on about addictions over lunch yesterday – the kind of conversation that makes my eye start twitching. He is a grand fan of rationalizing stage of said, and would accuse me of being an addict of drawing and writing, considering I have been doing that almost always all my life. I explained that’s not an addiction, it’s called a job and because I have done that often, I can now say I have had a good training. An addiction is when you are going crazy and utterly destructively irrational just to get to the next fix. I don’t hardly drop into a delirium frenzy when I can’t get my hands on a book for a day… When he failed to get an upper hand on the discussion, he went on that people are constantly addicted to several things, such as air, food and sleeping… And this was a lunch event even without my sister. I mean, Geez Louise…
But of course, bar addictions (and spouses don’t count, in case you were going to go there), there are things I am wonderfully fond of and need to entertain them in order to keep fairly sane. Such a thing is, for instance, coffees with friends.
I’ve had a cool one few days ago, we sat down in mixed company and just chatted the evening away. It was wonderfully nippy and the conversations just wouldn’t run out until they threw us out of the place by discreetly offering us sleeping bags :))) The most fun talk was with a boy about being a butt or a chest person (we watched good looking people strut by and mock-ogled them, both being just bisexual enough to have the right to do so :)) As I realize, I am a lot more a chest person. On both genders, a shapely bust appeals to me. Perhaps because I like to hug and listen to a loved one’s heartbeat. General’s chest is so massive I can literally climb onto it with my entire body. His heart thumps like a battleship engine.
Another interesting dialogue with another coffee drinker/biker buddy was about being infinitely young and infinitely rich. What would we do with all that time and all that money? Buy islands for our spouses as dumb vampires do? In Canada you can do that fairly easily, as they have more islands than land. But okay. I suppose the world would not be enough, if I was like that. I would build an institute so fierce and gave scholarships and research labs to geniuses so hard, we would invent space travel a century sooner.
I mean, not just in my books :P