Friday, 4 May 2012

I suppose the good side of having marital fights is, after the storm clouds clear, the sky is so very beautiful. An easy way would be to just kiss and make-up, but in my world things are never that simple. I have, though, stopped talking for two days and it wasn't quite the same. I talk a lot. I say many things. Often to make the time pass quicker. And I have this freaky tendency to jump up, run across the room and steal a snog from my hubbie. So when I don't, nobody does. And when I don't make lunch packaged for night shifts, nobody does. When I don't download fun movies for waiting rooms, nobody does. Without me, my world is kind of empty :/ ;) .P

Very often, when I am sad the most, be it over work, family or whatever, General takes me out for a walk. We just kind of walk in silence and either mock the dog or he mocks the way I walk or something, until I start to laugh again. He painted my finger and toenails with stupid smiley faces in violet or green - more Picasso than DaVinci and whenever I would start to weep, he would try to hold my left thumb or my right toe thumb in front of me, to indicate he's switching on the happy (the other two were grumpy). I was fairly cheered up after an hour of it all. And the sky was outstanding - we actually though a tornado is going to form, as the green grinding machine of huge dark grey chunks began to pump on themselves and a small fog began to protrude downwards with a manic orange sunset shooting razor beams from underneath. I doubt it would have been more than a warm F1, as the ground here is not flat enough to sport a football field, yet alone a twister, but it still made me wish I had a camera. The General broke the silence then, asking how far I want to go, as it might rain and I said, naa, it won't rain, the storm is going to pass us... Switch to next frame: we ran towards the library passage, but it was no use, we were soaked in under a minute. So we just kept running through puddles in flip flops, with a miserable dog in tow. It would have been very romantic, if there was not for a hailstorm - and even hail the size of corn kernels stings like a bitch! I always thought that's just something people say, but that shit really hurts! We were laughing, because we were so amazed, but it still felt like we were being chased by bees, pinched by pissed-off pixies, because we didn't have anything to shield ourselves with, except the dog, who is rather small, especially if you don't count the ears. She probably hated every human weird tendency to stroll in hailstorms at the moment, but at least she could just lick her coat dry whereas we had to strip and snuggle ;)))))))
Crazy fucking humans and their crazy fucking hailstorm strolls..