Thursday, 24 May 2012

Steampunk in limbo

Okay, is it, like, really nuts to have profound feelings for a car?? To keep looking out of the window, maybe it'll just magically appear on the parking lot. Wanting to cry because the deep humming noise of it coming through the house passage just doesn't sound. Actually crying when seeing a similar car, remembering that Steampunk is broken? Is that completely stupid?

We drove to our honeymoon trip to Nordkapp with it. We drove hunting with it, we drove everywhere with it. It was a perfect car. It was perfect in winter, it was perfect on the highway, it was perfect in safety and comfort and formidability... It suited the General like armour. I love(d) everything about it. It was a perfect car. The dog loved it.

How crazy am I to really miss that stupid engine? We took such tender care of it and it took care of us. I can't stop thinking I do not want to be without it. I can't trust another car to keep us so safe (maybe a tractor or a small tank.). So very safe.