Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Wood Stock catalogue shoot

This was supposed to feature the beauty queen, but she never showed up. Being waaaay to experienced not to be able to predict such stuff, I had three models ready in either case. Also, I was quite bored in the morning and I spent an hour doing one of the model's hair :)) The male was a total newbie and it could have gone either way, but it turned out really well, I think. Contractors agree, so that's that for success :D

We were supposed to shoot outdoors, but, of course it was raining that day, so we asked The Galerija Okvir manager to lend us their frame-shop workspace, which they were very kind to offer. Thanks, you saved us! Apolonija Koštomaj did the make-up, whereas I did the hair on Maruša. Maruša, Miro and Tamara in parts did the modeling and the glasses are the product of Jaka Jančič and