Saturday, 20 October 2012

         I was gonna write'When haters start forming debate clubs, you know you're doing something right' on the headline, but then I remembered I've had one crazy mommy or rejected fan or jealous rival ==> equals headache too many on my place for one week, so let's just leave it at that.

           Arrr, I had such cool plans for today. I was gonna go have breakfast/reading with Mr.G, hit the library, go say hi to Drej on her fair and then hop the train and go shoot an autumn fair. Alas. After half a year I finally got lady days and my tummy feels like I’ve been pitchforked. I’ll just hop to the bookshelves and go say hi to Drej. Then pass out.
            Funny, how sick I’ve been feeling past three days. They have been good three days, and now I know why I’ve been sick, but still. Three days ago we had one of those fights with the chicks in Audition, that rock the boat and then sail on better. I think. I could be wrong. I’m at the stage where I want to change my photo style again. Winter’s coming (LOL. Sorry.). Every October I get the ‘Change the lens. Change the grain. Change the angles.’ That always feels a bit like being born, so there’s paint at first, and then there’s magic.
          Saving a tiny fish from choking on a walk two days ago, a tiny triumph in life over dry land, I realized I get dizzy when I’m upset. Odd part about that being – it’s not usually unclear that I’m upset. Lots of shouting, throwing things and breaking brushes tends to be a dead give-away. Mine is the temper of a lunatic on speed. But now bad thoughts start brewing and I start to feel queasy. Seriously, with all the coffee I drink, one would think heart pressure is the least of my weaknesses :)))))
          Playing Warcraft has been joy all the way since Pandaria came out. Yak wash?? Really?? YAK WASH?! How cool does that get?! But as once dailies used to mean you get to do certain quests once a day, it now means you get to do them ALL day. There are so many. Frigging much! Warcraft is not a game you can do if you’re in a hurry. There are many things I should be doing simultaneously, but it takes almost two hours a day just to do the cooking and the main faction rep stuff. I’m geeky, but I am not that geeky.

There’s this farm that I love. 50% of my time online I spend there. I was even going to write a novella about a place just like it, about Gennonsuke. It would start:

I knew this man, the man coming up the road to meet me, was going to be important. The first time I met him I liked him. The farm around me is proof I was not wrong.
          Yesterday Claire and I drove to the Capital for the first casting I’ve ever gone to. It was actually kind of depressing. I mean, people there knew me, I think they even kind of liked me, but they stated so many doubts about her, that I suddenly realized how terrible it is to be the mercy of clients. It’s been a while for me, so humble is not my playfield. And Claire is so nice. She knows who she is, what she’s done, but she never speaks up for herself. If I didn’t flip out the paddie and started smacking them with the excellent photos we’ve done together, they’d forget her, having overlooked an amazing model. But then we did some pickies in a hurry, so they would see what she’d look like on a box for red hair dye. Then we had some Chinese :) Food, I mean. Not male stripper. 

           Oky. General has gone to do some stuff with wood. Not sure what, but I’m guessing chopping stuff back at his family’s farm. Hopefully the generous idiot will not over-work his shoulder and come back purple and sweating with pain. As it turns out, his supraspinatus is not torn, but literally PLUCKED from the joint cuff. Which is kind of ridiculously ironic, because that is exactly what happens to the EXACT same muscle to the General in Gorgonaut (which was written three years ago.) Course the injury in my novel is easily fixed by yours truly. In the real world, alas, it does not seem to be fixing itself.
           I have a terrible urge to read more Ayla stuff and luckily I’ve only ever read the first book. And I want it on paper, as I am direly cutting back on staring at screens. There was some talk about a diet for my eyes: at least one day away from any kind of screen, but, you know. There’s Yak Washes and stuff.