Friday, 9 November 2012

Garrosh Hellscream

Am impressively turned on by the new Warchief character in Warcraft. I wrote plenty of sexy fan fiction, did plenty of research. I even do this jealous little rant every time I see another female character interact with him while I'm gaming. Like Zaela. If that's not geek I don't know what is. The General is not amused. He's always amazed at how deeply off kilter my fantasies can become.

But here's the kicker. In Pandaria, Hellscream gets to sit on the throne while Thrall is off doing other important stuff, like healing the world, making babies, etc... And Hellscream is an impossibly loud ruler. He is violent beyond description, he is stubborn and proud, has father issues and really impressively bad temper. He says some pretty awful things. He still hasn't gotten over killing Cairne. He is always angry. He wears jewelry and carvings on his teeth, which is something I lways like. He looks like someone who fucks things into unconsciousness... When he sends us (players), to beat the Alliance to Pandaria with Nezgrim, he cares very little about Pandaria. When little pandas come to pledge allegiance, he tells them to kill their cousins who joined the other side. Seriously. The dude's appalling. No wonder I'm having wet dreams about him.
             And it only goes to show I am a ridiculously good judge of character. I knew that after Arthas, who was the brother of all power issues - and coupled with the Sha of Anger roaming about - things are going to getvery interesting before they get cliché... 
            ... Garrosh is going to be the next final boss.


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