Thursday, 1 November 2012

Gunkanjima ...

Watched Skyfall. Liked it. Bardem plays the least attractive person EVER, and that's even before he pulls his jaw out. Good job. Scotland is creepy and Shanghai is lovely, but I am once again thrown by the notion there are places like Gunkanjima on this world. We don't get many abandoned things where I am from. Very few old buildings. One or two large factories. All very photogenic, of course. But as it startled me to find there are abandoned amusement parks, so these things spook me. There is something just incredibly unsettling about abandoned places of ordinary life. Things that ARE archaeology and ethnology, that really shouldn't be, because they're just like how we know things to be every day.

Not sure if that big fallen statue from the movie is actual, but okay. Most of these pics are from this dude's site. It's a cool site, if you're into similar photies.