Saturday, 3 November 2012

Plantagenet 3000

The 'contesting' shots from Friday's Plantagenet 3000, The Nasty Princesses shoot. The story was set in a futuristic shape, but with the old family of Plantagenets in mind. They were a noble clan in England, but their scheming, grabing, fighting and interbreeding undid them. I just thought what would it be like if such a clan existen in the year 3000 still. Apolonija Koštomaj, Andreja Jezernik, Tina Teršek, Martina Hladin did the makeups, Maya Kerin did the hair. We all did the outfits :)) Laura turned out to be the heiress, Maruša the marionette, Lara the scheming princess, Kimi the violent princess and Teja the sneaky princess. Bishop was really, REALLY happy we were shooting at our place again.

There will be more shots, soon, though it takes an eon to arrange them all into a tale of woe :D
Also, the backstage shots are kinda creepy/funny :D