Sunday, 25 November 2012

Girl on fire

Went to the Terazza club again this Friday, one week after the fashion show, to shoot the DJ. Felt funny, like I never left :)) This time I was not the boss, though. And it's ridiculous in how much pain I am from loud music. It hurts my head, my lungs, my very tooth fillings. Probably if I drank or got high, the awful noise would not be as apparent and I would dance or something. But truly I am not exposed to such thing willingly. It gets really scary when stuff like 'battery out' or 'card full' happen. Then I lose my force field, my magic shield, and the world comes rushing in. 
            Up until that happened (and I am not the tyope to come home at 2am.), I was taking shots of Anja dancing. I soo like this effect lately. I really have to learn how to do a beauty shot in this....