Wednesday, 7 November 2012

"Nothing to Envy"

I just wrote an angry letter to about half a dozen state officials in North Korea. Another western movie about it came about, another fucking anti-propaganda by the people who wouldn't understand the communist regime if it wore a neon sign as a hat. I am not an American, or Brit (though, the joke there is hilarious. Brits talk about violation of human rights? Those people celebrate their crowned Tudors. Henry 8.0 was a great humanitarian and philanthropist, renown thorough history for his generosity and kindness. Also his daughter Bloody Mary. Nicest rulers you will ever meet.), so to me communism = evil doesn't roll.

Am fed up to HERE with idiots who say a country is evil because it is poor. And that only the NK regime is faulty, whereas every other is golden and only in NK do people suffer, whereas everywhere else they live in golden pillow-land, eat cotton candy all day and sing happy songs of tranquillity and prosperity and good TV. For the love of ... fuck.

I SO wanna do a story on Korea. So, so much. Photograph the Kims, photograph the folk, check out their schools and hospitals and prisons and museums and coffees and sports centres and research institutes. No bullshit propaganda from either side. just a good, honest story. I don't care how they put people in prisons (seriously? And nobody in USA ever goes to prison, ever?!), how they have disgruntled refugees (like nobody's every fled any other country, ever) and how their politicians are funny and act like spoilt brats with grenades. Rights. Because every other politician is super perfect. MY country grew up under a dictator. His administration killed hundreds of thousands of people. Everybody loved him. Everybody stopped in their tracks when he died. It was our golden age. It took us from the middle ages. MANY dictators take their lands from the middle ages. And modern world tends to forget that a 100 years ago, no city was Shangri-La, buddies. Not to women, not to the poor, not to the immigrants. Cuba is a prime sample. Moroccan previous king was a terrorist lunatic, but he did put a policeman, schoolteacher and a registered nurse in every village. Seriously, fucking, honestly. I really, REALLY, REALLY wanna do a story on NK. 

Not that, of course, it would matter anything, compared to any number of retarded western anti-NK movies. By people who have NEVER even SEEN NK.