Thursday, 19 September 2013

An excellent evening to an otherwise questionable afternoon

Thank you (again), sweet Maja. She stole me from a bad moment and took me through good food and great company and so today is marked as a wonderful day. In fact, I love it so much, I am declaring this the end of the week. From now on, Thursdays are officially the last day. So I've had a great week.

La Vie Est Belle Rustika cake

The General also says thank you for the cake. This was a really good cake. It was ginger, pear and blueberry and white chocolate, which is a curious combo, easily screwed up. Another reason why I am so terribly in love with my husband is that when I bring him something so wonderful to eat at night, he takes one bite, looks at me and says: you eat it. Not because it wouldn't be good or he wouldn't like it - but because it is so good he wants me to eat it and watch me love it. 'Tis just the kind of a nutter he is :D

The reason the afternoon sucked donkey balls was meeting the designer for a St. George yearbook (a cultural society thing). I made the photos for it. Four people sat down and were gonna set it up for print, but the designer kept giving me the "you are just the amateur" vibe. He told me to fit the photos he will have to cut them or stretch them or remove the thin black frame... I kept telling them that making the photos was my part of the job and i should probably be trusted to know what i'm doing. But no. He continued to put me off the plate. I probably shouldn't react so dramaticly every time someone does this, but lately I have less than zero tolerance for people telling me I haven't done a good job. Not thematically. Technically. This is me at my best ever. The quality of my work is something I stand by ten times more than when at first such people started hiring me for my good work. I am waiting next for someone to cut the last four lines of my short story, because it would have to be printed on the next page and there's no room or it breaks the composition... Of course at times such people can be perfectly correct. I just completely freak out by it. I just left (I know, I know, so very Vol'jin of me, darn it), but luckily Maja interrupted en route me and took me out for a girl's evening with cake. I enjoyed the closing-time shopping mall and the music on the car radio on the way back: Sky Bridge by Richard Tsang.