Monday, 23 September 2013

Great advice from really dick people

As all of great cosmic karma/irony goes, some of the things that mean most to me in this life, came as advice from really fucking lame people. For example, my favourite all time manga series - Samurai Champloo - which changed my personality, my ambitions, my view on the world entirely - AND World of Warcraft, which continues to play a very important role in my artistic development, came from a shitty relation I would rather erase from memory otherwise. Another example is my former sister-in-law, who taught me enough about horses. I hate horses, but occasionally I am forced to deal with them and what she explained in the few short lessons we had, she changed my attitude from a 'no no' to an 'okay, fine'. And the last example being a shitty ex of my relative, who continues to be a shitty townsman in this very very small town and whose comments tend to hurt not just me but people close to me also (usually them more)... But who the other day made a remark about photography which erased my whole problem with what i was trying to achieve and made it incredibly fun and simple. 

So, gosh darn it. How do you ever swim out of that one?